About Me / Certifications


My name is Lanéya Denning. I studied Massage Therapy at Miller Motte College in Cary, North Carolina. I received my license for Massage February 2, 2015 to this current day. I transitioned straight for school to my own practices. I am very thankful for the clients I have received; they have taught me a great deal. Through my time spent with each individual my style of massage has become very integrated allowing me to take the many things I have learned from them and schooling and put them all together into a customized massage for each individual. Everyone is different.  Thank you for taking you time to read my story have a great day.


Lanéya Denning

LMBT NC#14578


Kinesiology Taping, KT1&KT2

Medical Massage

Sports Recovery

Trained in: Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Special Population,  Sports, Swedish, Trigger Point, Thai massage, Myofascial Release